Saint Julien Pavillon du Glana – Vintage 2010

Another outstanding vintage!

Who would have believed it possible after a 2009 vintage praised to the skies?
The 2010 growing season started out very well, without the threat of vine diseases, which meant that little spraying was necessary. Although flowering in Merlot vines was upset by cold, wet weather that led to low yields, the dry, very sunny weather that followed – but without a heat wave – led to quick véraison (change of colour of the grape berries) and the onset of ripening. Limited rainfall in early September, coupled with continued sunshine and high daytime temperatures, were conducive to perfect ripening of the grape skins and seeds. The juice was highly concentrated thanks to the small size of the berries. Our recent investment in a new vibrating sorting table proved precious during its first year of use, enabling us to eliminate Merlot grapes suffering from millerandage (partial crop failure with mixed size berries). The wines show considerable aromatic complexity. They are also powerful with a velvety texture. Although alcohol levels were very high, this was balanced by greater acidity than in 2009, which bodes well for excellent ageing potential…

Blend : 60 % Cabernet Sauvignon – 40 % Merlot