La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana was founded in 1996 in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Our commitment to quality, consistency and customer service has placed our brand among the most prestigious premium cigar brands in the world. Over the years we have developed a portfolio of quality blends, shapes and sizes which fulfill the ever-changing needs of today’s cigar smokers.
Our well know consistency is possible because we personally supervise every stage of our production; From farming of our tobacco at our farm in La Canela, to the art of manufacturing in our modern factory. This vertical integration is our guarantee. Ines and I appreciate your support and partnership.

– Litto and Ines Gomez

Blend Descriptions

LFD Suave:

Our first blend, Connecticut shade wrapper, Dominican filler and binder. It’s elegantly mild, with a good balance of smooth flavors.

LFD Suave Maduro:

A delicious blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler with a Dominican binder and Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. These cigars are complex and powerful, with sweet notes. Medium to full bodied.

Reserva Especial:

The combination of Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper, with our own Piloto Cubano filler and Nicaraguan binder makes this cigar very tasty. Mild to medium bodied with intriguing flavors.

Reserva Especial El Jocko:

In 1997 we created this intriguing shape and packed it with flavor. It consists of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler, Dominican binder and Connecticut wrappers. These perfectos are available in natural or maduro and are medium bodied.

Cameroon Cabinets:

The unmatched sweetness of Ligero Cameroon wrappers, blended with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and Dominican binder, makes these cigars very complex and well balanced. These cigars are rich, with a full flavored body.


After years of aging our estate grown Ligero tobaccos, we were able to create a cigar worthy of the name “Ligero”. The wrapper leaves are Ecuadorian Sumatra seed, the binder and fillers are all Dominican leaves from our farm in La Canella, the flavor is outstanding. These cigars are full bodied.

Ligero Mysterio:

This intriguing perfecto is blended with 100% Dominican tobaccos grown on our farm at Estancia La Flor de Palma in La Canela. The wrappers are Cuban Seed Nicaraguan Sun Grown and Connecticut Broadleaf maduro. The cigar is medium to full in body with very complex flavors.

Ligero Oscuro Natural Cabinets:

These cigars are “full flavored”. They are wrapped in a Sumatra seed Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper leaf that has been treated in a way that naturally darkens and sweetens it. It has a new level of taste that is more intense. The filler and binder are all Dominican leaves from our farm in La Canella. These cigars are medium to full body.

Double Ligero:

Continuing our trend of making powerful cigars, these babies are amazing. The binder and fillers are all Dominican leaves from our farm in La Canella. They are wrapped in dark Ecuadorian sun grown leaves as well as a Chisel and Chiselito in a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. This is our most full flavored blend.

Litto Gomez Diez:

A cigar maker’s dream, a cigar made with only tobacco grown on his farm. This rare Dominican “Puro” is powerful yet smooth. The complex flavors are extraordinary. Cigars of this caliber are rare and limited. The wrapper, binder, and fillers are all Dominican.

Coronado by La Flor:

These beefy cigars are a special blend of Dominican tobaccos grown on our farm in La Canella, wrapped in a Cuban seed Nicaraguan sun grown wrapper from the “Crown” of the plant. The wonderful flavors are slightly spicy with a floral aroma. These cigars are full


The Air Benders come in seven sizes. The wrapper is Habano from Ecuador and the filler and binder are from our farm in La Canela. The result is a very smooth, flavorful cigar with lots of body.

Our offer includes:

Chisel Double Ligero, Chisel Maduro, Colorado Oscuro No. 2-Limited Edition, Coronado By La Flor Corona Especial, Coronado By La Flor Double Corona, Daiquiri Natural, Daiquiri Natural (long filler), Double Ligero 660 Habano Maduro, Double Ligero 660 Natural, Double Ligero 700 Maduro, Double Ligero 700 Natural, Double Ligero Digger Maduro, Double Ligero Digger Natural, Double Ligero Robusto Crystal Tubo, Factory Press Limitado, LFD SUAVE Gobernador, LFD SUAVE Grand Maduro no. 5, LFD SUAVE Macheteros, Ligero 500, Oro Tubo Natural no.6 Robusto