Chemin des Papes

In times past, Popes would spend their papacy performing tasks of a more spiritual and mystical nature than political.

Legend has it that along their long path of spiritual reflection, Popes enjoyed a Côtes-du-Rhône famous for expressing the richness and excellence of the local land to perfection. The wine was naturally baptised Chemin des Papes, the Path of the Popes.

The liturgical ferules and mitre that make up the emblem of Chemin des Papes hark back to its past, as does the wine itself: the ruby colour of Chemin des Papes Côtes-du-Rhône
is reminiscent of deep imperial purple, while the spicy nose recalls the aromatic scent you would expect to find in historic places. Its round, warming and spicy palate produces
a pleasure that is simply unconfessable…

The Rhône valley is assumed to be France’s oldest wine-growing region, it is believed that vines were first planted there by the Phocaeans. The Romans then developed the wine-making technique. In the 12th century, the Templars planted the first Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards.

Today, these vineyards stretch over 70,000 hectares and 200 kilometres. Wines are produced on both banks of the Rhône, with the left bank renowned for wines that are fuller-bodied
and headier than those from the other side of the river. A constant improvement in quality has resulted in the wines from this region being compared with the world’s top vintages.