BV Land Liqueurs

BV Land Cherry Brandy

San francisco World spirits 2010 bronze medal

BV Land Creme de Cafe

International spirits challenge 2010 bronze medal

BV Land Creme de Cassis

San francisco world spirits competition 2009 bronze medal -International spirits challenge best recommended

BV Land Blue Curacao

Concours mondial de bruxelles 2010 silver medal

BV Land Blakberry

San Francisco world spirits competition 2010 double gold medal

BVland introduces a new range of fruit liqueurs ideal for cocktail making. Prepared with the best cereal alcohols, the BVland liqueurs are characterised by their bright appearance, with a marked colour tending towards the natural hue of the ripened fruit and a sweet flavour, filling the palate, which combines with the characteristic acidity of the fruit from which it comes.

The aromatic stage is one of the main production characteristics of the BVland liqueurs. To achieve a product with its very own identity, macerations are made of the previously selected fruit in our traditional stills, ensuring the optimum ripeness in order to obtain lasting and natural aromas, recalling the characteristic aroma of the ripe fruit.

Immerse yourself into a world of amazing colours. Let yourself be inspired by the 25 new liqueurs that BVland has designed for you to innovate in each one of your creations.