The Aldegheri family has been working in the heart of the Valpolicella area with passion and commitment since 1956, making daily improvements to the process which transforms the product for which this area is world-famous: wine.

The different members of the family each have their own areas of competence.

Lorenzo is responsible for the vineyards and vinification process, from selecting the grapes to controlling the fermentation and ageing times. Adriano, his younger brother, manages the administrative side of the business, including the purchase and implementation of production systems, with a strong emphasis on innovation.
Their cousin Vincenzo runs the company’s commercial and public relations sectors, coordinating the work of salesmen and marketing activities.

The second generation play a vital role, providing the company with constant updates in the relevant sectors, which enable it to operate successfully.

This family-run company can maintain perfect coordination between traditional technologies and a love of nature and its products which has led to a very high level of quality being attained over the years.

The Aldegheri wines are the result of the special attention paid to the vineyards, the scrupulous selection of grapes and constant perfecting of vinification technologies.

Taste them for moments of joy and pleasure and savour their subtle nature.


Valpolicella, also known as the splendida contea (splendid earldom), is the general name given to four small valleys, carved out by mountain streams which rose from ancient glaciers in the Lessinia Mountains.

The combination of fresh mountain air and mild breezes from Lake Garda creates wonderful natural microclimates, ideal conditions for vine cultivation, which expert loving hands then transform into fine wine.

It is here that the Aldegheri family manages to obtain quality grapes with a rich character. The vineyards, covering about 42 hectares in the hills of the classic Valpolicella area, are managed both directly and via collaboration with expert viticulturist, who have worked with the company since it was founded.

Most of the vineyards are situated in the hills and face southeast, adding rich detail to the Valpolicella landscape as on a piece of fine embroidery. Good examples are the vineyards situated below the village of S. Giorgio, famous for its Romanesque parish church, which are used to produce prestigious Amarone, or those of La Grola, one of the finest viewpoints in Valpolicella, where the technique of raisining has been used on the exceptional grapes grown there since the time of the Romans, providing the key ingredient of the best Recioto.

Viticultural production follows a procedure which embodies the height of professionalism, adopting the most appropriate techniques throughout the year.

The important grape ripening phase is carefully monitored to choose the most suitable moment for starting the vintage, which is usually between the end of August and the beginning of the month of October.
The main grape varieties used to produce Aldegheri wines are Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, the three basic grapes used in all characteristic Valpolicella wines; important contributions are also made by Cabernet, Merlot, Garganega, Pinot and Dindarella, the indigenous grape par excellence.