Akashi Japanese Blended

This whisky is uniquely different, as a ‘blended whisky’, it is not a blend of malt whisky and grain whisky as you would expect, actually it is a blend of malt whisky (White Oak and imported malt whisky) and spirit (from molasses). The malt has been matured for approximately 5 1/2 years in oak.

One to try as part of your Japanese whisky journey.

Whatever the blend is, is of little importance to me. At (price) a bottle, this tasty whisky is a real gem. I’ve consumed two bottles already and have four more in reserve

– Yokosuka Mike at nonjatta.blogspot.com.au

Tasting Notes:

NOSE : A bit alcoholic, malty.
MOUTH : Mild, malty, flowery.
FINISH : Malt, sweetness, medium long.

Distillery: White Oak (Akashi)
Region: Japan
Size: 500 ml
ABV: 40.0%