Villa Colonna

Villa Colonna is born among the FRANCIACORTA hills, a precious corner of Northern Italy, enclosed between the Iseo and Garda Lakes, worldwide renowned for its wine treasures..

The Company consists of an area of 24,300 m2, 12,000 m2 of which are indoors, a large production department with 5 bottling lines, including one for mignon and pocket size bottles, with a total daily production of more than 200,000 bottles.

The storage of raw materials and final products ready for bottling reaches 2 million litres, with numerous stainless steel tanks from 35,000 to 15,000 litres capacity and beautiful oak barrels for distilled beverages ageing.

Two big additional areas are allocated for the storage of final products ready for distribution, to guarantee the constant availability of each blend, for a total capacity of 3 million litres.

The research, analysis and tasting department is of utmost importance. It’s the creative heart of the Company, where all new products are designed and distilled beverages are well balanced and harmonized.


The market is divided into two main sectors: HO.RE.CA. and MASS RETAILING.

Villa Colonna has developed two lines of products in order to provide concrete and clearly oriented answers to each sector and every single customer targets. These lines are the Villa Colonna products for the HO.RE.CA sector, and the SARI products for the MASS RETAILING sector.


Villa Colonna produces classy and elegant products for the catering and specialized distribution sectors..
A number of our Company products are specifically dedicated to the catering sector.
High quality and unique products, Grappa and distilled beverages carefully selected and packaged in every single aesthetical detail.
Our proposals within this specific sector include niche products such as: Grappe from Monovitigno, Distilled beverages from wine or grape for real lovers, produced in small quantities with certified origins and of constant quality, as well as imported distilled beverages among the best in the world.


The SARI brand identifies the products designed for the MASS RETAILING SECTOR.

This is precisely the Company historical business line, which proposes great quality products, produced in high quantities and offered with a very high quality price ratio.

There is a large number of references for Grappe, Limoncello, Amaretto, Sambuca, Fruit Spirits, Straight and fruit flavoured Vodka, Gin, Rhum, Brandy, Fernet, strong Anise , Scotch Whisky, Tequila and Syrups: hundreds of different types to satisfy every retailing demand.