Togouchi Japanese 18 Yo

Established in 1918 in the heart of a mountainous region near the city of Hiroshima, Chugoku Jozo produces sake and shochu but also whisky. To be more precise, malt and grain whiskies used in the composition of Togouchi, come from Scotland and Canada. Only aging, blending and bottling are carried out by the team of Chugoku Jozo.

The Togouchi 18 years is a blended whisky with a scottish and canadian character but also a typical japanese soul. Aged in oak barrels and made of single malts aged for at least eighteen years, this whisky with a rich and round texture, has a complex flavor profile that is expressed through intense woody and fruity aromas.

Real curiosity, Togouchi 18 year old is a blend that will mostly seduce amateurs who want to experience the expertise on aging and assembly of the japanese producers of traditional beverages.