The Teeling Whiskey Co.

Teeling Whiskey Company has emerged as result of Cooley Distillery being acquired by Beam Inc in 2012.

TWC was founded by Jack Teeling, the former Managing Director of Cooley Distillery, to bring back an independent voice to the Irish whiskey category.

The TWC goal is to be the leading Irish whiskey independent company in particular taking the lead in driving choice and selection of unique handcrafted small batch Irish whiskeys.

The Teeling Whiskey Co. vision is to revive the Independent Spirit of Ireland.

Teeling Whiskey

Our aim is to create a new Irish whiskey that is


We feel there are standard Irish whiskey drinkers looking for a different way to enjoy Irish whiskey and express themselves.
There is also a growing craft beer/spirits consumers who are interested in discovering alternative Irish whiskeys with more depth of personality than the current mass market options.
Hence the TEELING WHISKEY was born.

Tasting Notes

Colour – A rich golden yellow.
Nose – An inviting nose where vanilla and spice dances with bright sweet notes of Rum.
Taste – While being very approachable the influence of the rum cask and higher percentage alcohol creates a unique smooth, sweet, slightly woody marriage that sparkles on the tongue.
Finish – Slightly moorish, sweet spice finish complimented by woody undertones.