Pierre Ferrand

PIERRE FERRAND COGNAC RESERVE 1er Cru du Cognac Grande Champagne 40%

Ultimate spirits challenge-„Excellent recommendation”;
Beverage Testing Institute – „Exceptional”;
SanFrancisco Spirits Competition-Gold Medal

PIERRE FERRAND COGNAC AMBRE 1er Cru du Cognac Grande Champagne 40%

Ultimate spirits challenge-„Excellent recommendation”;
Beverage Testing Institute – „Exceptional”;
Cognac Masters- Gold Medal

PIERRE FERRAND COGNAC SELECTION DES ANGES 1er Cru du Cognac Grande Champagne 40%

„Gold Medal with 95/100 – Beverage Testing Institute (2009);
Sélection des Anges gets my vote as the most nearly perfect cognac. »Washington Post”

PIERRE FERRAND COGNAC ABEL 1er Cru du Cognac Grande Champagne 40%

Beverage Testing Institute – „Exceptional”;
THE Patterson’s tasting panel – 97/100;
Guia Penin – 94/100

Mythical Cognacs

The greatest connoisseurs agree
that Pierre Ferrand cognacs are made
in a style now rare in the spirits business.

« Almost a polar opposite in terms of style
from most of the mass marketed brands »
Chris Carlsson- Spirits Review – October 2009

« Expressive eaux-de-vie
have not ceased to impress us… »
Anthony Dias Blue – Robb Report – June 2009

« Majestic, unfathomable, of international class.
In the upper echelon for connoisseurs »
Spirit Journal – 1999

Blending, an art form

Pierre Ferrand cognacs owe their personality to more than just terroir, grapes, distillation, casks or slow aging.

They also derive their distinctive character from the subtle and precise art of blending. At Logis d’Angeac, five generations of cellar masters have passed on their accumulated knowledge to their successors. Blending is highly skilled work.

It takes years of practice and a great deal of talent and intuition before the blender is able to choose the spirits that will best complement each other and come together in perfect harmony to create an incomparable cognac.

Distillation on the lees, our know-how

At Logis d’Angeac, the critical distillation process takes place under the watchful eye of the fifth generation of cellar-masters.

Pierre Ferrand cognacs are distilled slowly, in small pot stills with a 25 hectolitres capacity and featuring a distinctive onion shape head, which helps concentrate the aromas and flavors from the wine distilled on fine lees.

Particularly rich in fruit aromas, the unfiltered lees help to give the raw spirit body and flavor, elements that will mature and come into their own during the aging process.

Maturing, or the virtues of patience

The fresh “Eau de Vie” is collected from the still and aged in small oak barrels kept in seven different aging cellars – some dry, some humid – at Logis d’Angeac.

The thick limestone walls, specific location of the cellars and type of floor (earthen floor in the humid cellars; cement in the dry cellars) all help to ensure the necessary coolness and moisture needed to maintain constant humidity for perfect aging.

During the aging process, Pierre Ferrand cognacs spend time in various types of cask, of different ages and “toasted” to different levels, in order to avoid excessive bitterness caused by exaggerated tannins or oak.

The properties of each cask contribute to the important exchange that occurs during aging between the cognac the air and the wood.

An exceptional vineyard, 100% Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac

The vines that give Pierre Ferrand its distinctive style are planted on the Angeac terroir in the heart of Grande Champagne, considered the Premier Cru de Cognac.

Angeac-Champagne is part of what connoisseurs call the « Golden Triangle », a highly reputed micro-terroir comprising the best parcels of Grande Champagne.

The extremely chalky soil of the rolling landscape gives the grapes the qualities and the necessary acidity to make very good wines that will produce very fine cognacs.

100 % Grande Champagne,
Pierre Ferrand’s range is
the expression of its
soil and its rarity.

Source: http://cognacpierreferrand.com/