Padilla Cigars

Time first records the Padilla family name in Medieval Spain, amidst the “Comuneros” of Castile, “Commoners” who defied the King for an ideal. Centuries after their revolt, descendants of those men settled in the Canary Islands -tobacco country- eventually migrating to the region of Cuba known for the finest tobacco in the world, Pinar Del Rio. There, on that land legendary for her bounty, her unique beauty and her wandering minstrels and poets, the elder Padillas toiled and harvested. Heberto’s poetry would someday revisit a childhood where oxcarts transported the fragrant leaves to a place of alchemy.

Acclaimed Cuban poet Heberto Padilla, descendant of a rebel “Comunero”, was born in Puerta de Golpe, Pinar del Rio, the most renowned cigar producing spot on Earth. He also wrote a book that won him fame as well as persecution by the Cuban Revolutionary authorities. His personal memory was deeply rooted in his island, which he left in 1980 never to return. His name had gained international celebrity: He was the “subversive” author accused by the Cuban state, in the process coined “Caso Padilla”.

Today both his children preserve the heritage, as creators of a superior brand, recognized for its name and preferred for its excellence by cigar connoisseurs. These Habanos blend the homeland tradition with modern innovation, elegance and purity of form. Sheer poetry.