Landy Cognac


San Francisco Spirits Competition-Silver Medal,
Ultimate spirits challenge-„Recommended”


San Francisco Spirits Competition-double Gold Medal;
Ultimate Spirits Challenge-94/100, Ecellent Highly Recommended


San Francisco World spirits competition-silver medal


Ultimate Spirits Challenge – „Extraordinary,Ultimate Recommandation-96pts”;
Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb-Gold Medal

The new generation cognac

“Landy Cognac XO („Best Cognac”)
captured the overall”
Best in Show – Brandy „award”
PrNewsWire – 2011


When the cellar master feels that the spirits, after several years of aging, are nearing optimum maturity, he begins the subtle process of blending. By tasting spirits of different ages and origins, he determines those which will combine harmoniously to create a distinctive cognac, perfectly blended in the style that is uniquely Landy.


Made by Ferrand, Cognac Landy is a blend of cognacs from the most prestigious origins: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. Each year, the best grapes from these three vineyards are vinified then distilled separately.

The goal at Cognac Ferrand is to create a complex, well-balanced and refined cognac in the classic aging statements of XO, VSOP and VS.

Cognac Landy is distilled in 25 hectoliter copper pot stills. The small capacity helps to concentrate the aromas and flavors of the wine.


Creativity is one of Landy’s the key values and can be seen in the beautiful bottles that hold Landy. Some of these exclusive luxury bottles are created by leading French designers.

A distinctive symbol

The greyhound is Landy’s symbol — elegant and stylish, this breed of dog was the loyal partner of French kings for more than six centuries.

A favorite of Francis I, who was himself born in Cognac, the greyhound was featured on the arms of Charles V of France and Henry VIII of England and many French nobles included the greyhound on their armor and coat of arms to demonstrate their allegiance to their king.

The greyhound exemplifies Landy’s intrinsic values
of exacting standards, excellence and elegance.

Aging symbol

First, the young Cognac Landy is kept in the cool of the cellars in new Limousin oak casks, each holding 380 litres of spirit. Their wealth of tannins give it an ideal structure for aging.

After about a year, the spirit is transferred to older casks – the « red casks » – whose softer tannins will enable the cognac to mature in perfect conditions while avoiding the development of excessive oak flavors.

A best blends selection
of the Cognac region
proposed in VS, VSOP and XO.