Joseph Perrier


In the 19th century the Perriers, an important family dating back to the diligence !
Joseph, the son of wine merchant, François-Alexandre, established the Champagne House in 1825, “Joseph Perrier Fils et Cie”. They settled in Châlons-Sur- Marne, on the road to Fagnières. The offices are housed in an old post house and the wine cellars in the adjoining master residence. During that period, Chalons-Sur- Marne (now Châlons-en-Champagne) had several hectares of vineyards and approximately ten distinguished Champagne Houses.

The Third Millennium

The Joseph Perrier House is in constant expansion:
New dispatching building, new production yard, new stainless steel vats with a four thousand hectolitre capacity and a new disgorgement and labelling site. The House remains located at the original address of 69 Avenue de Paris, in Chalons-en-Champagne, and loyal to its origins.

Harmonious blend

A mouth opener ! 35% chardonnay, 35% pinot noir and 30% pinot meunier from 23 crus (champagne villages ) are blended to create this finely orchestrated cuvée aged in our cellars for a minimum of 3 years .

Beautiful robe

The gold colour matches the brilliance of great evenings.

Pleasing to the eye

Fine bubbles rise to form a ring of delicate and persistent mousse (ring of foam).

A fine nose

Fragrances from citrus fruit peel to reinette apples and vineyard peaches precede the gentle finale of vanilla and cinnamon.

A voluptuous mouth

Rapturous, powerful attack in the mouth. Full and round-bodied. A delightful roll over the palate. Climactic finale, intensely refreshing and lasting.

„Art..moiries” box

This box has been created by Benjamin Sabatier using images or labels from Joseph Perrier’s history of two undred years.

The Vineyards

Verneuil village
Where Joseph Perrier owns twelve hectares of Pinot Meunier on the hillside, 7 of these in a single parcel are carefully protected from spring freezes by spraying water.
The House’s 21 hectares satisfy 30% of the produ-ction. The rest comes from 30 crus, on The Mountain of Reims. La Côte des Blancs and the region of Vitry are delivered by winegrowers, from father to son, in relation to Joseph Perrier for three to four generations.

Domaine de Cumières

In the sea of vineyards that snake up and down the hillsides from Hautvillers to The Marne River, there are 9 hectares of Joseph Perrier vineyards ; and a family dwelling with French garden and residence sheltering cellars, wine press, settling vats. Grapes from the Hautvillers and Damery crus are brought here to be pressed and transformed into Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs and a remarkable pinot noir also used to make the Cumières red wine.


No stairs to descend, the cellars are buried away in the hillside that dominate the House, on the same level and extend from the cellars over three kilometres. The neophyte will discover an architecturally exceptional subterranean passage.