Vini Fabiano is a family-run winemaker based near Verona, within the larger region of Veneto in North East Italy.

Founded in 1912 by Francesco Fabiano, the family initially traded wine in Venice, before moving to the mainland and beginning production of their own wine from the mid-1950s. Today Vini Fabiano utilise 84 hectares of land, spread across the growing regions for Valpolicella, Bardolino, Lugana, and Soave. A range of approximately 30 Vini Fabiano wines is produced across all regions. The company has 30 employees and remains family owned today.

Possibly best known for its range of Valpolicella-based wines, here Vini Fabiano produces Valpolicella, Valpolicela Ripasso and two flagship Amarone della Valpolicellas. Vini Fabiano also produces a more unusual “appassimento” Corvina and “Vajo” – a “super Venetian” blend of Corvina with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In Bardolino the Vini Fabiano range includes two rosé wines. Two “Sestiere Castello” DOC sparkling wines are also produced.

In recent reviews, all of the Valpolicella-derived wines in the Vini Fabiano range have impressed. Both the “I Fondatori” Amarone della Valpolicella Classico and the “Nicola Fabiano” Valpolicella Ripasso were outstanding and there is a clear family resemblance across the range in terms of stylistic identity.

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