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September 2018


Davidoff Torcedor

June 2018




The special event organised by Lerida International, importer of cigars, wines and spirits at Aqua Restaurant in Bucharest, Romania. Special guest: Isabella Keusch. Salute !



Alec Bradley Event – Romania 1st October 2015

October / 01/ 2015

Alec Bradley Europen tour 2015 – stoped in Romania to visit Lerida International, Alec Bradely importer in Romania. A special event with good cigars was held in his honor. Enjoy!




Perdomo Event at Crowne Plaza Bucuresti

September / 11 / 2015




August / 27 / 2015




Perdomo Event at Villa Romana

July / 24 / 2015



Oliva Event at Villa Romana

June / 05 / 2015



Chargé d’Affaires Duane Butcher’s Remarks on the Occasion of the U.S. Food and Wine Event

May / 29 / 2013

Welcome to the US Wine and Seafood Tasting event. I am very happy to see so many distinguished guests at the residence today. We salute the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin, members of the Romanian Government and Parliament, representatives of the food-industry, retail and food-service sectors. I am confident that this evening you will become better acquainted with the high quality, uniqueness and flavor of these American wines, seafood and fruits.

The United States is among the top producers and consumers of wines, seafood and fruits in the world for good reason.

Making good wine is an art. The wine maker creates a palette of taste, smell, and quality that are a fine wine’s signature. Romanian wine makers know that very well, given the high quality of the locally produced wines. In addition, consumers’ tastes worldwide evolved over time so wine makers needed more inspiration for satisfying various preferences. You will be able tonight to verify for yourselves how well California has perfected this process.

Seafood is another product that will be featured in this event. The focus will be on the iconic American Lobster, harvested since colonial times from Maine to Virginia. This is a specie which supports one of the most intense and valuable commercial fishery in North America. Among many other countries, Romania imports live lobsters and tonight you will have the opportunity to watch them moving (look out for the tankers) and taste their mild and sweet meat (watch for the Chef’s presentation).

Cranberries are an ingredient many heart-healthy consumers are adopting to reduce their risk of heart disease. Cranberries, fresh or dried, are a great “healthy” snack the whole family can enjoy.

Tonight you will sample but a preview of what Romanian consumers will be able to readily enjoy more often.

I assume you are ready now to experience the US products provided by our sponsors. So thank you all for coming tonight and let us enjoy – in moderation of course – these wonderful products. …. Noroc (or Cheers in Romanian)!

Thank you.

Source : U.S. Embassy Webpage.