130 years of experience and 5 generations of the same family

In association with Les Caves de Landiras, the Dulong wine-producing site is unequalled in the world of Bordeaux wine merchants.

It also perfectly illustrates the GCF group’s philosophy, which believes that wine-making begins at the heart of the vineyard, in close collaboration with the grape growers.

Priority is given to mobilising agricultural technicians, oenologists and biologists – all of the professional skills required at critical moments in the life of the vineyard.

Dulong is one of the pioneers of sustainable agriculture in Bordeaux.

Wine-making per se: 50,000 hl

Thanks to the construction of its own wine-producing site in 2000, Dulong has become the first Bordeaux wine merchant to produce, blend and mature wines on this scale.

This desire to control procurements has led the group to invest upstream in grape production: the selection and monitoring of vine plots; sustainable viticulture production.

In parallel, Dulong is pursuing its close partnership with a number of châteaux in order to work in collaboration with partner growers in viticulture and wine production.

The quality charter

9 Châteaux and 14 wines are part of the Quality Charter.

The first Châteaux de Bordeaux range using sustainable agriculture.
The Dulong Quality Charter was created in 1998. It is a question for Dulong of working in partnership with the owners, according to specifications making it possible to produce wines whose quality is monitored and that are representative of their terroir, with an ongoing focus on increasing quality and concern for the environment.

The properties in the Dulong Quality Charter were among the first to receive the Sustainable Agriculture Qualification in accordance with the order of 30/04/2002 from the ministry of Agriculture, the essential themes of which relate to traceability, health, occupational safety, soil management, crop protection, hygiene, waste management and environmental conservation.

Source : http://www.gcfplanet.com/

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