Corvo is a legend, a strong, long-established brand with the ability to communicate in new and current languages.
A Sicilian classic benefiting from 200 years of tradition, it obtains the best from every vine thanks to its in-depth knowledge of all of the
island’s geographical and climatic details and quality wine making processes.
Corvo wines express personality, agreeableness, have an excellent quality/price ratio and are high quality products that can be enjoyed every day.
An innate desire to spread the aromas of Sicily to lands near and far has always been part of the very essence of the Corvo brand.

Air, sun and land

Throughout time Corvo has always had great respect for Sicily, its land and its grapes.
Shared and sustainable development, where the real challenge is successfully combining protection of the environment with the social and economic development of the territory.
Experience gained over 200 years makes it possible to choose the most suitable grape varieties for the climate and territory, allowing them to grow in the most natural way possible,
in line with their natural rhythms. Sicilian grapes are vinified in a soft and natural manner to obtain the best from the qualities that nature equipped them with.
Each wine represents the realization of a unique project.