Champagne De Saint Gall

Behind the De Saint Gall brand lies a history unique in the Champagne region.

Twelve production units, united for almost 40 years under the banner “Union Champagne”, have contributed to its creation and success.

Their trump card: an exceptional terroir in villages whose names are music to the ears of connoisseurs.

This precious heritage covers over a thousand hectares of Premiers and Grands Crus vineyards, all classified from 95 to 100% on the Champagne “echelle des crus” rating system.

It includes almost half the famous Côte des Blancs area, where Chardonnay reigns supreme, and some of the prestigious Montagne de Reims terroirs.

The De Saint Gall signature therefore quite naturally evokes the pure and elegant style of great champagnes.

Premiers Crus

The range of Premiers Crus that bear the De Saint Gall signature can be described as exceptional, since the very special geographic situation of the brand’s terroirs enables it to produce blends of an unequalled richness.

Grands Crus

The aristocratic circle of De Saint Gall Grands Crus now includes four Blanc de Blancs cuvées.
Produced from the finest Grand Cru parcels, these cuvées undergo micro-vinifications, and each has its own individual style.
The exception to the rule is the Rosé Brut, due to be released in 2004, which is exclusively composed of Pinot Noir grapes.


Its location on the greatest Champagne terroirs and
its pure, elegant style make De Saint Gall a champagne
for connoisseurs.

Over the years, this distinctive champagne has carved
a discreet but solid reputation for itself amongst a circle
of devotees.
The marketing policy of the house is in step with this image, the aim being to introduce the brand gradually, while taking into consideration the sensitivities
of the different markets.

De Saint Gall cuvées regularly win awards in international wine competitions, such as Vinalies, Chardonnay du Monde, the Concours Mondial in Brussels and the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

In less than five years, De Saint Gall has won about fifty medals, a fitting reward for its dedication to quality.

Latest Medals

– Mondial du Pinot Noir 2011
– International Wine Challenge 2011
– Mundus Vini 2011
– Vinalies Nationales 2011
– Concours Mondial of Brussells 2011
– Challenge International du Vin 2011
– Decanter 2011
– Vinordic Wine Challenge Prize 2011
– Mundus Vini 2010
– Decanter 2010
– International Wine Challenge 2010
– Challenge International du Vin 2010
– Vinitaly 2010 – 45th edition
– Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2010
– Chardonnay du Monde 2010
– Vinalies Internationales 2010
– Mondial du Pinot Noir 2009
– International Wine Challenge 2009
– Decanter World Wine Awards 2009
– Vinalies 2009
– Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2009
– International Wine & Spirit Competition 2009
– Sélections Mondiales des vins Canada 2009
– Berliner Wine Trophy 2009
– Mundus Vini 2008
– International Wine Challenge 2008
– International Wine & Spirit 2008
– Vinitaly 2008
– Decanter 2008
– Mondial du Pinot Noir 2008
– Concours Mondial 2008
– 3International Wine Challenge 2008
– 3Chardonnay du Monde 2008
– 3Decanter World Wine Awards 2008
– 3Vinalies 2008
– 3Vinalies 2007
– 2Concours Œnologique international Vinitaly
– pMundus Vini
– Effervescents du monde 2006
– Mundus Vini 2006 International Wine Awards
– Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2006
– Decanter World Wine 2006
– International Wine & Spirit Competition 2006
– Vinalies 2006
– Citadelles du Vin
– Vinitaly International Wine Competition
– Chardonnay du Monde 2006
– International Wine Challenge 2005
– Mundus Vini International Wine 2005
– Mondial du Rosé de Cannes 2005
– Decanter World wine awards 2005
– International Wine & Spirit Competition 2005
– Vinalies 2005
– Concours Mondial, Brussels
– Mondial du Rosé, Paris

The vineyards

De Saint Gall’s main source of pride is its incomparable position on the famous Côte des Blancs, the most elegant of the Champagne terroirs. The Premiers and Grands Crus villages are spread out over a superb chalky terroir
that enables the vines to burrow their roots deep down
into the soil.
Here, Chardonnay is king, reaching its most sublime expression and producing racy, long-living champagnes.
Four of the most renowned Montagne de Reims villages complete the vineyard holdings, bringing their roundness and unctuosity to certain cuvées in the range.