Bodega Iniesta

Discover a family’s efforts to carry out a project of the land, of pure tradition and dedication. Something that links us to our origins via a taste for good wine. The traditional and the modern are combined in the production of wines that are an authentic experience for all palates, even the most demanding! Discover our wine cellar and take a closer look at our history. A history full of enthusiasm and love for what we do. Get to know Bodegas Iniesta, get to know the Iniesta Luján Family.


Preparing the land has been a laborious process in order to achieve the uniformity and suitability of each estate for the ideal adaptation of each variety. It has been prepared to maximise the work on the vineyard, optimising the exceptional characteristics of our soils and eliminating all kinds of chemical fertilisers to treat the vines, in order to ensure a production through “integrated farming”. On our estate we only use natural fertiliser, both animal and vegetable. One of Bodega Iniesta’s main objectives and rules is a respect for nature and its biodiversity and we will continue to carry out research and innovate along these lines.

The formations and plantations are arranged vertically to ensure they benefit from the many hours of sunshine and to aid their ventilation, providing a small ecosystem for each of the stocks and for the whole vineyard.


The plantations are rigorously controlled from the preparation of the land to the harvesting of the fruit. This process is reflected in the 12 varieties of grapevine present on the estate, each planted in the “terroir” which offers it optimum conditions, as well as the plantation blocks and the appropriate green pruning, always for the maximum quality of its fruit.

The vineyards are planted in the correct direction, and the clusters of grapes are positioned according to each variety for better care during the green harvesting.


The foundations of the vineyards of our “Finca El Carril” lie on land in the Castile area between the East and the Plateau, at an altitude of around 800 m. All the vineyards on the estate are within a maximum radius of two kilometres
from the reception centre to prevent unnecessary delays between the harvesting of the grape and its pressing, ensuring the grape reaches the inside of the wine cellar with all its freshness and full characteristics. The estate is located in
a hollow filled with different materials throughout history and later excavated by the River Cabriel. This hollow is formed by cretaceous materials (essentially limestone-based) which gradually settled during the Tertiary period, by Neogene and Quaternary materials (conglomerate, clay, gypsum, loam and limestone ), forming a sedimentary plain typical in this area of La Manchuela.


The privileged location of this territory means it enjoys unbeatable weather conditions for vine growing. The area’s annual hours of sunshine, as well as the notable changes in temperature between day and night, mean that the vineyard
develops a better and more uniform phenolic ripeness.

Climate: Warm Mediterranean with Continental features, and Mediterranean influences.
Altitude: 800 metres
Average annual temperature: 12ºC – 16ºC
Average annual rainfall: 400 to 600 mm
Average annual sunshine: 2800 hours


The recently built Wine Cellar has fulfilled the Iniesta Luján Family’s dream in their vine-growing experience which was always to produce their own wines from their property “Finca El Carril”.

The wine cellar and the vineyards are located in Fuentealbilla, in the heart of La Manchuela, between the Plateau of Castile and the Mediterranean, which gives the area an ideal microclimate for vine growing and helps to enjoy its best

The wine cellar is equipped and designed to give maximum respect to the qualities and characteristics of the grape and the land where they are located. The philosophy is the less we intervene in what nature gives us, the more respectful we are, the better the quality and personality of our products.

The Estate and the Wine Cellar are run by an excellent team of agronomists and oenologists of recognised prestige under the protection, enthusiasm and efforts of the Iniesta Family. The objective is none other than to convey the best of
our land to the national and international market, satisfying and winning over the palates of wine consumers and wine lovers worldwide.

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