Beveland Distillers

Beveland, a liquor and spirits manufacturer with over 15 years experience was born with an international vocation.

The important growth pace of Beveland along the past years has facilitated its adapting to new technologies with a commitment for constant improvement in the quality of the product and its design, never forgetting the attention to the customer, searching this way the maximum consumer’s satisfaction.


Beveland, S.A. was founded in 1994 by Sr. Ramón Masoliver. He began his activity in the domestic market with the manufacturing and distribution of liquors and distilled drinks.

The commitment to a wide range of own manufactured products, as well as the production of important private brands for third companies, gave a boost to the growth of the company opening its doors for competing, not only in the domestic market, but also expanding internationally, spanning at present over 60 countries.

Quality Policy

Our aim is to reach the Customer Satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, Beveland directs all its human, technical and logistics efforts to obtain a good cooperation at all levels.

This system of work, together with the permanent analysis of the market and of competitors, allows us to detect the changes in the market and the consumer’s habits and to adapt to the new times.

Apart from the excellent collaboration of the food chains, cash & carry, Horeca channel and distributors, the company keeps a close collaboration with the suppliers with the aim of adapting the products to the needs of the market and developing new products of greater acceptance.

To be able to supply the best service, the qualifications of the personnel and the technological innovation are two pillars considered essential by Beveland. For this reason, the company invests an important part of the budget every year to introduce the most advanced technology and train the personnel with specialized courses, according to its necessities in the Management of Quality.