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Our family-owned cigar business began rolling over a century ago.
Our mission? To make the best cigar possible for a reasonable price.
Our history? It’s as rich as our cigars. Millions have enjoyed them.
Including luminaries like Frank Sinatra and Francis Ford Coppola.

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The Best Cigars Made in America

Looking for the best cigars made in America? You’ve come to the right place. Avanti is the only producer of dry cured cigars in the United States. Our top rated cigars are the only ones on the market made exclusively with hand picked Tennessee and Kentucky tobacco. We pride ourselves on using only the finest American tobacco, giving you a cigar that surpasses all your expectations. From day one, our mission has been to make the best cigars possible for a reasonable price. And Avanti knows how to deliver.

Parodi cigars are our most iconic brand. With a rich history that dates back several generations, they’ve been our top rated cigars for many decades. (Our mini cigar, the Ammezzati is most popular member of the Parodi family.)

Over the years, we’ve introduced a wide variety of cigars. Among them are the best cigars on the market, including our popular Avanti Anisettes, our rugged Bourbon infused Ramrod cigars, and our stylish new Estilos. With such a wide variety available, Avanti offers a quality cigar for even the most discernible tastes.

Affordable Top Rated Cigars

At Avanti, we strive to provide you with an affordable product, and we never sacrifice on quality. We don’t sell cigars made with artificial fillers, as we understand the importance of using only American grown, hand picked tobacco. It’s no wonder our cigars have been enjoyed by so many people for so long.

Best of all, Avanti cigars are readily available. You’ll find our products at convenient stores, cigar retailers, and many tobacco outlets that sell top rated cigars. (If your favorite cigar supplier doesn’t carry our products, encourage them to do so.)

For people shopping online, our website’s e-commerce capabilities makes ordering our top rated cigars a breeze. Along with our extensive cigar line, we offer a wide variety of accessories to choose from. We provide as much information as possible to help you make the ideal selection, making your online buying experience streamlined and reliable.

However you get our cigars, we’re sure that you’ll love them. Avanti … the best cigars made in America.

Our offer includes:

Petri Toscanelli 5pack, De Nobili economy 5pack, De Nobili King 5pack

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